Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reason For Lack of Posts...

Not the biggest writer, never have been. I've played guitar some 35 odd years and I think I'm pretty good. So what. I enjoy playing and listening to music immensely and take great pleasure in practicing. I've always held the belief my writing skills are laughable, plus the fact I've never really had to write much except for the occasional book report in early grade school.

I now know that "I" don't exist. By the same token all beliefs are false, only seen as true. Damn... There goes my belief about my piss-poor writing. I want to make one point though, All suck in whatever they endeavor, until they practice enough and develop the required skills.

As it stands my writing skills are sub-par, yet now I have chosen to begin honing them as I did on guitar so many years ago bloodying my fingers playing riffs over and over and over again. It wasn't uncommon for me to play as many as eight hours in a single day when I was younger, feeling the wrath of my sore fingers the next day.

I have so much to say so I start writing but then another "belief" drops in and says "Who cares?" "So you're enlightened, who the fuck cares? Hahahaha!!! Nobody but me and that's fleeting feeling itself.

So, the thing is, at the moment, I have a desire to express my experiences of no self. I don't write that well yet but since I like the subject matter and as I post more and more, hopefully that will change.

*fingers crossed*